Turn your website into a social media hub with DP Marketing Communications

Turn your website into a social media hub with DP Marketing Communications

A Social Media Hub through your Website?

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Allow your creative content blog to turn your website into a social media hub!  Exclusive to DP Marketing Communications, we can offer you ready-to-use software that creates valuable content to push out to your social media channels.

Creative content that captures customers

Whether your target audience is watching YouTube, Tweeting on Twitter, or reading articles on LinkedIn, your marketing efforts should always start at your website, and using content you’re creating to capture your audience’s attention. With software that automates your social media efforts, all you need to concentrate on is choosing a topic that you know will inspire your customers.

With the advantage of a featured image and the use of defined keywords you know your audience will be searching for, this software gives you the maximum ‘pull’ and value out of your blog and posts.

Using social media to enhance your brand

Every post, tweet or profile update that you make to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Digg, Twitter, or blog platform has an impact on your digital brand and the effectiveness of your marketing.  Your brand is represented to web crawlers and search engines; an essential component to link-building and driving traffic to your site.

Content-driven blogs have huge potential to increase your online footprint when you can auto-post to your social media channels. With 32 networks, from social media to blogs, we can enhance what you do to turn your posts into creative content with links that always lead back to your website.

Let us devise your winning strategy and, over time, your quality back-links will naturally boost your SEO, with the focus being only on what your audience wants to read, and captivating them with eye-catching images. No more having to worry about manually posting to Instagram, or when to post to Twitter; this automatically does the work for you while attracting more traffic and, as a result, more customers!

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Benefits of automating your posts to social media

You can choose when you post as you set the time to publish your blog to your site and the software does the rest.  Make your content SEO friendly and deliver it to your favourite platforms. Once this magnificent piece of software is set up on your WordPress blog, it will exclusively post to your networks, allowing your regular blogs to make the impact they deserve; saving you time and resources to grow your business. Meanwhile, you can be confident that your website is constantly delivering to your platforms and always returning the traffic.

Let us spring clean your blog with this ready-to-use software that is easy to install and quick to configure, to easily transform your site into a multi-level social media machine. Our coordinated approach to social media allows your website footprint to drive more traffic and gain more customers and sales!

Find out more about this exclusive service

If you want to find out more about our exclusive software to turn your site into a social media machine then hurry to get in touch with DP Marketing Communications by email at hello@dpmarketingcommunications.com or by calling Daniella on 07538089345.

DP Marketing Communications… the marketing agency without the marketing agency price tag!

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