Don’t know what to include on your landing page?

Don’t know what to include on your landing page?

A good landing page should contain a few key components to help convert visitors into customers. We’ve pulled together a handy list of things to have in mind when thinking about your structure.


What Problem are you Solving?


Nobody will get involved if they don’t think they need to. Your offering should solve a problem for your audience, and you should make this clear in your headline.


How will what you’ve got help your target customer? There’s no room for creative ambiguity here – say it loud and say it proud!



The Bypass Button


What about people who already know they want to buy and get involved now? You’ll want to give them a way to bypass the pitch, so make sure you have a direct link to buy/sign up above the fold of the page (that means being visible without needing to scroll down the page).





Make sure you are writing content in a way that lets your audience know automatically that your offer is for them. Do not let there be any doubt. Again, you should make this clear in your introductory information (or even your headline).



The Aspiration


You’ve got the attention of your future customer with a potential solution to their problem. Now is the time to sell the dream.


The text above the fold of your landing page should detail some of the features and benefits of getting involved with your company, products or campaign. Think about tangible benefits (like guaranteed profit or cost savings) that will pique the interest of your ideal customer. You can also highlight indirect benefits like improvements to lifestyle, happiness and success.



What Makes you Different?



Yep… it’s the old USP. What is unique about your offering? Why should your audience choose you? It could be experience, quality, price, speed, prestige, awards, statistics that make you sound great… whatever sets you apart from the rest.


Consider adding logos of affiliated companies, customers, or awarding bodies (with permission, if necessary). Long form text can help you connect with your audience if you need to show a more human side to your business.



Adding Extra Value – if there’s any left!


Do you have anything extra to ‘sweeten the deal’?


If not, get your thinking cap on. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly to encourage someone who’s still on the fence. Could you pledge a charitable donation for every X items sold? Or maybe a free prize draw entry with every order?


Keep it relevant – there’d be no point offering free bacon to those buying a vegetarian cook book. An extreme example? Maybe. But it’s important to remember the¬†value¬†aspect.



Check Your Competitors


Look at other offerings similar to yours. Why is yours better and worth time or investment? A good example of this is comparing pricing with competitors or comparing features with competitors.



Case Studies and Testimonials


Social proof, social proof, social proof! Ask for testimonials from your customers (video even better!). People buy from people so don’t just toot your own horn, ask others to do it for you.





Been in the press? Make sure to include a quote or link to create trust. Any other credible things like accreditations will also build confidence in your brand.



Call to Action


You should have one action that you want people to take on your page, and it should be included consistently throughout the page. This helps direct visitors through your sales funnel.


We see a lot of sales pages that have WAY too many options. People can get confused or distracted by the ‘noise’ and go on a completely different user journey than you intended. If an internal link isn’t taking a customer one step closer to the sale, it’s a hole in your funnel and will lose you custom.


Be creative and innovative; ‘get in touch’ via a contact page is boring. Make it specific to your offering.



About You


What is your story? Who are you? Show them who you are and why you care. Photos are great to make things more human.





People will always have questions about this. What are the most popular questions that you will get asked?



Objection Handle Like a Pro


People are bound to have reservations. If there is an elephant in the room, address it. Even better, use it to your advantage. Your realness and understanding of your business will come across and people may put their concerns aside.


Some common examples below taken from Hubspot
It’s too expensive.
There’s no money.
I need to use this budget somewhere else.
I don’t want to get stuck in a contract.
I’m locked into a contract with a competitor.
I can get a cheaper version somewhere else.
I’m happy with your competitor.
Competitor X says [false statement about your product].
I’m not authorised to sign off on this.
I can’t sell this internally.
We’re being downsized/bought out.
There’s too much going on right now.
I’m part of a buying group.
I’ve never heard of your company.
We’re doing great in this area.
We don’t have the business plan.
It’s just not important right now.
I don’t see what your product could do for me.
I don’t understand your product.
I’ve heard complaints about you from [company].
We don’t have capacity to implement the product.
Your product is just too complicated.
You don’t understand my challenges. I need help with Y, not X.
Your product doesn’t have X feature, and we need it.
We’re happy the way things are.
I don’t see the potential for ROI.
It’s just a fad.
Your product doesn’t work with our current set-up.
Your product sounds great, but I’m too swamped right now.
I’m not interested.
Just send me some information.
Call me back next quarter.
How did you get my information?
I hate you.



Limit the Risks with Guarantees


Use guarantees and promises that will reassure your potential customers. Consider a free trial, guarantee for X years, or refund policy.



Create Urgency


We’re impulsive beings. Countdown timers (genuine, obvs), deadlines, and limited spaces can help increase the conversion rate of your landing page. Plus, there is less chance they will forget about you if they press the button now!



Pricing Sheet


This is a good lead magnet if you ask for details before they download. It will show you who has come that far down the page and is a ‘hot lead’.



Get the Conversation Going


We find that chatbots have a really good take up for people with enquiries. Have one pop up for the ultimate user experience.


Need a little help?


We do this every day. Why not book a call to discuss your landing page strategy?


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