Northampton based marketing agency supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness Piccadilly & Times Square billboard campaign

Northampton based marketing agency supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness Piccadilly & Times Square billboard campaign

Northampton based agency DP Marketing Communications are proud to have supported international charity Cure our Ovarian Cancer with an international awareness campaign on Ovarian Cancer Day (the 8th of May)


Women with (or in recovery from) ovarian cancer in the UK joined forces with others in New Zealand and the United States to organise an international billboard campaign to draw attention to a disease that lacks vital research funding.


Billboards in Times Square ( New York), Piccadilly ( London) and 300 others around the world


The important message, “An ad you can’t miss, for a cancer you do”, will appear on the iconic Piccadilly Lights in central London and Times Square in New York’s billboards to mark World Ovarian Cancer Day together with more than 350 other UK billboard sites given by JCDecaux.


The Piccadilly Lights activation features a 10-minute domination of the screen; in New York Times Square, the ad will appear on rotation for 24 hours.


This campaign speaks to the urgency of the situation in that women with cancer have gone to such lengths to be heard.


The campaign has been picked up by The Independent, Sky News, The Drum, The World News, LLB Online, Newsbreak, Ex Bulliten, Scoop, Ooh today and is gathering traction online.


With design creative created by Topham Guerin and PR by DP Marketing Communications, the advert features more than 30 real women, all diagnosed with a variant of ovarian cancer called low grade serous.


What is Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer and is it just older women?


Low grade doesn’t imply good outcomes. These women are frequently young, and fewer than half will be alive nine years after diagnosis. It’s a difficult reality to be faced with. But instead of living their lives in fear, the women are speaking out in the hope their efforts will help more people survive and raise money for vital research.


UK co-organiser Katie Wilkins was diagnosed last year at the age of 38. Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cause of female cancer in the UK but Katie says her diagnosis came as a shock. “I was a ‘healthy’ young woman, and never thought for one minute I’d have cancer. I get asked a lot if it was picked up during a routine smear test – but that only checks for cervical cancer. Like so many people I didn’t really know anything about it,” said Katie.


“Our message is simple. We want women of all ages to be aware of the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer which can easily be missed and dismissed. And we want more research, so women with our cancer live longer.”


The women hope their efforts will raise more awareness of ovarian cancer and lead to donations through global research charity Cure Our Ovarian Cancer to support researchers like Professor Gourley at the University of Edinburgh specialising in their younger women’s ovarian cancer.


Why get involved?


The agency owner at DP Marketing Communications Daniella Paolozzi is a cancer survivor and wanted to support the cause after seeing all of the good work that the charity does first hand, particularly with fundraising for trials.


“The people at the charity and its community were extremely supportive when I was ill, I met many friends, some of which are sadly no longer with us. I really wanted to share their amazing work utlising our agency team and media contact lists to support the good work that they are already doing.”


“Ovarian cancer is not a subject that was never discussed as a young woman but it happens! I was diagnosed at just 33. More people should know the symptoms and that it is not always ‘IBS’ or ‘women’s problems’. Question your doctors and if you are concerned and ask for a CA-125 blood test if you feel ‘fobbed off’. In my case, they found it early during a scan for something else entirely. I responded well to chemotherapy but others are not so lucky as it is usually found much later.”


Daniella lost her hair after six rounds of chemotherapy but came back with a colourful look!


What are the symptoms?


  • feeling constantly bloated
  • a swollen tummy
  • discomfort in your tummy or pelvic area
  • feeling full quickly when eating, or loss of appetite
  • needing to pee more often or more urgently than usual



Dig deep, donate and save lives!


Donations are most welcome and can be given using the link below. Please share this article with your friends, mothers and daughters. You may just save a life.

Visit the Just Giving Page to support research that will save lives.


Ashley Luthor showing her surgery scars in NY

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