Time for a Brand Refresh?

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Time for a Brand Refresh?

Spring clean your brand

The Spring has Sprung (Hopefully…. Almost – what can we say?  We’re optimists!)!  Out with the old, in with the new – time to evaluate what your branding is saying about you.  Here is a great check list to ensure you are keeping your brand fresh, up-to-date and in the minds of your customers.  It’s always a challenge, but one not to be feared or ignored. So here are 5 ways to keep your brand fresh.


    1. Keep it new and exciting

It’s all change, change, change! Faster than ever before, we are learning faster, consuming more and demanding more than ever. Information overload and instant gratification are changing markets quicker than you can blink and brands have to make an extra effort to stand out in this avalanche of choices. Keeping up with the progress and remaining new and exciting are the way to stay ahead.

2. Keep the buzz

Keep that momentum going with a constant buzz and share your views, express your brand and engage your audience. Get people talking and involve them in the conversation. Customers who can relate to the message or are entertained are more likely to spread the word.


3. Keep it relevant

In the days when trends are changing overnight, no brand can keep up with the rapid pace without regular updates. Keep an eye on your market and competitors, stay informed and, stay one step ahead by responding to your customers’ needs before they know what they want themselves.

     4. Change can be good!

Taking risks and making bold decisions are key. But when it comes to branding and marketing decisions, managers find it hard to leave the past behind and start anew. Any successful brand has made a big journey since their beginnings. Change and innovation is what makes them stay relevant and in tune with the constantly evolving market, no matter how long-established they might be.


     5. Invest in your brand

Think of it as a long-term relationship that needs nurturing and constant reinvention to be successful. If you let your brand out into the world without much interest in its future, you risk losing your clients interest.  After all, if you’re not showing interest in your brand, why should they? For a long-term relationship with your clients, you need to constantly invest time and resources to actively manage your brand and avoid that creeping boredom.


Talk to us and see for yourself how a fresh, new approach can transform your business.


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