Why choose marketing intelligence over a cheap website developer?

Why choose marketing intelligence over a cheap website developer?

Marketing intelligence for your website vs cheap website developers

So… you’ve decided you need a new website for your business. But there are so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what to do. Do you create your own? Find a cheap website developer to do it for you? Or should you go to a marketing agency? A nice-looking website is great, but there is SO much more to consider if you want to create a website that will give you a good return on investment and convert visits into sales!

We hear countless stories of clients who’ve had a less-than-perfect experience with their websites. The most common problems include getting a website that isn’t fit for purpose, content that can’t be updated as your business grows, and a sales funnel that leads to the abyss. These mistakes can be costly to fix, and we hate to see small businesses lose money on a useless product. That’s why we suggest a website designed with marketing intelligence in mind. How exactly does intelligent marketing help create the perfect website?

Marketing intelligence builds a great user experience

Every business attracts a different kind of customer, each with their own preferred communication and buying style. It’s essential to understand the psychology of your target audience so you can give your customers the perfect user journey on your website. An ‘impulse buyer’ doesn’t want to click through 4 pages to find what they’re looking for – they know they want those shoes in their basket, now!

Marketing intelligence and website design

We use marketing intelligence to delve deep into the psyche of our clients’ customers at the very first step of website design. We create customer personas to identify their wants and needs, and design the structure of your new website around them. Not only does it make that first purchase a doddle, but a site that provides a great user experience will get more repeat custom for your business.

Killer content that converts

Did you know the language you use on your website can make or break a sale? We’re not just talking about good spelling and grammar, but the tone of voice of your brand too. Chances are, you’re not the only business doing what you do. You need to grab your customer’s attention early, and build a relationship using only words. Unless you or your web developer happen to be a copywriter, personalised content can be difficult to produce.

Our website development process ensures we’re using the right language for your customer personas and converting website visits into sales. We’re psychology geeks (and proud!), so know that ‘thrifty shoppers’ need a little persuasion before parting with their cash. And we also happen to be experts in using persuasive language in our copy! But it doesn’t stop there. Marketing intelligence helps us know which images, fonts and colours are going to bring out the desired emotions in your clients to make sure you close the sale.

BuildĀ a complete marketing funnel with marketing intelligence

Your target audience may be aware of your business, but it’s important to make sure they are moving through the marketing funnel to become customers and advocates of your brand. A website is a great tool in your overall marketing strategy: you can capture potential clients’ email addresses and grab their attention later on through a series of automated emails – perfect for those who ‘um’ and ‘ah’ before committing to buy!

Marketing intelligence marketing funnel

A cheap website developer may be able to design something pretty and get the cogs turning, but only intelligent marketing and user journey planning can get the most out of your new website.


You don’t need to hand over control to a cheap website developer

A lot of cheap website developers are only interested in completing your website so they can get paid. But the long-term success and sustainability of your website is of utmost importance! You may be offered free domain registration and hosting. Sounds like a great deal, right? But it means the developer has control over your website. The last thing you need is for your site to suddenly disappear from the web, so we like to make sure you have ultimate control, and the ability to update your own content if your prices or business structure change. Once you’ve paid for the website, it’s yours to do what you want with! No catch.

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DP Marketing Communications offer website maintenance and marketing support packages to complement your website. From extra SEO work, to content management and Google analytics, to digital marketing strategies for lead generation, we won’t just leave you high and dry once your website is complete.

If you would like to talk to us about creating a great website to convert visits into sales, it’s time to speak to us! All of our new clients also receive a FREE, no-obligation marketing strategy consultation. Email us at hello@dpmarketingcommunications.com to book your appointment!


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