Why aren’t my Facebook ads delivering?

Why aren’t my Facebook ads delivering?

This summer’s Advertising Pays report predicts that almost two-thirds of the UK’s ad spend will be online by 2020.


What a statistic!


With Britain becoming the largest advertising market in Europe, with £1.34bn being spent online last year alone, the role of the marketing professional is changing and becoming increasingly digital.



Mainstream online advertising began back in 2000, with the introduction of Google AdWord. Facebook followed a few years later in late 2007, opening up a gateway for businesses to reach out to more than two billion users, cheaply and easily.


Or at least that is what they make you think.


Don’t get us wrong. It’s possible to make a LOT of money with paid Facebook ads. However, when you set them up wrong, there’s a lot of money to lose too. (After all, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it).


If you’ve been wondering why your Facebook ads aren’t delivering, read on my friend.


We’ve outlined the most common mistakes people make with their Facebook ads and how you can fix them below.


A) Your offering is not right for the market


Understanding your product, your market and your audience is key to any marketing campaign.


If your audience demographics are more hard copy happy or Snapchat swipers, then Facebook Ads may not be the best method for promoting your products.


We know it’s old school info but revisiting the make-up of your target audience and their needs is key. Your targeting priority needs to be people already interested in your brand or your product for any advertising to really hook and reel them in.



B) You fail to test and analyse your ads over time


Test and analysis. Seems like an obvious step that you’d make in assessing the efficiency of any ad campaign, right? Yet it’s amazing how many people, even the most seasoned Facebook user/advertiser, simply set their advert rolling and just leave it to run its course without a second glance.


Tracking your ad and any conversions gained, is vital to the success of that ad. Allowing you to make relevant tweaks and changes to make the best of that advert timeframe, and budget, as possible.


What’s more Facebook does all the hard work for you. Its specific A to B test programme, within its Ad Manager function, can help you whittle down the all important action creating phrases, images and customer profiles. Ensuring your conversion rate continues on an upward trend.


For tracking purposes, we’d recommend using Facebook Pixel to ensure your ads are tracked accurately.


Facebook Pixel is a small piece of code which you install in your website global bar. Once installed, it tracks visits from Facebook to your website and can help build up demographic information, such as age, location, employment and interests, so that you can build custom audiences for your future ad campaigns.


C) You quit before you have made traction with testing


Time and patience is another key element for successful Facebook adverts.


Yes, it’s exciting to see the different ad sets getting traction once your ad is live (especially if it highlights that your fave image is popular). However, Facebook usage can fluctuate, day to day. So you need to ensure you leave enough time to get a true reflection of your audiences’ interests and activity.


Although in general an ad test can run from anything from one day to 30 days. We’d recommend testing for a minimum of four days, to get the most reliable results.

Check your audience insights to help define the best time frame, depending on the most active days and times that your audience are online.

D) You do not know what you are doing with ‘FB Ads Manager’


Or even worse…. you’re just winging it with the boost button!

Facebook advertising is challenging. The platform is unique, and the Ad Manager isn’t the friendliest looking tool either. Its specific features, targeting options and variables can be off putting.

But don’t let that push you to the easier to use, but less effective, boost tool.


We know, we know. That boost button is ever so tempting, isn’t it? It’s just sitting there, right next to the reach and engagement figures, which you wish were higher. Teasing you, testing you. Making promises that it just can’t keep.


Now if all you’re looking for is a bit of brand awareness, to anyone, anywhere. Then go ahead. Hit that big bold blue boost button (go on, we dare you).



But, if ultimately you’re looking for brand awareness with web clicks, conversions and a better understanding of you audience thrown in, then step away. Step away fast.


The only way to get results, real results, with your Facebook ads is by using the Ad Manager function. Yes, it looks complex. But, once you get going, you’ll realise it’s quite methodical. (And what’s more Facebook have thrown in an ads wizard to guide you through the main steps).


Keep your marketing strategy in mind when building the advert, don’t just hit create and choose any option, you think might be ok. Stick with that you’re trying to achieve, and the wizard will help guide you in the right direction.


Need some help?


Are you clueless about Facebook advertising? Are you short of time to devote to conversion tracking? Use experienced professionals to look after your ads and make sure you are not throwing money down the drain!


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