Customer segmentation to create successful campaigns

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation to create successful campaigns


How customer segmentation works


We know that we seem to harp on about this all the time, but knowing what makes your customers tick really is key to successful marketing. However, with a diverse customer base with different desires and pain points, how can you speak to them all? This is where customer segmentation comes in.

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By splitting up your audience, you can create marketing campaigns that speak to them all. For our clients, we create customer personas that delve into the psyche of their customers. These are really useful for working out how to turn a window shopper into a buyer, but that’s not the only way to segment your audience.


The master list


Your master list is worth more than its bytes in bitcoins. But as just a list of email addresses, it doesn’t tell you much. How many of those contacts are repeat customers? Where are they based? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then you need to use customer segmentation. We recommend using a platform like Mailchimp, that has its own functionality to group or tag your mailing list.


Once you’ve segmented your audience, you can create campaigns that only go to those most likely to convert. And when your clients are seeing campaigns that resonate with them, they’re more likely to stay engaged with your marketing.


Ways to segment your audience:


How well you know them


Your sales funnel is the journey that your audience takes on their way to becoming a customer that advocates your brand. The stage of the funnel that your audience is at is important to consider for your marketing activity. Put it this way: if you were at a party, you’d greet your Nan a little differently to your hairdresser’s boyfriend’s cousin. The same should apply to your customers. You don’t want to send long-standing customers the same campaign as someone who signed up to your mailing list on a whim.

Marketing Funnel


Who they ARE


If your business attracts personal customers, you might want to create personas to segment your audience. This identifies your customers’ likes, dislikes, communication style, and goals that help you tailor your marketing activity. On the other hand, if your customers are other businesses, you might find customer segmentation by role more effective. Is the contact just a user of your products and services? Or do they have the power to make you a preferred supplier?


Where they work


Another helpful customer segmentation tactic for B2B businesses is to identify the industry they operate in. This way, you can tailor the language you use to appear more relevant. For example; a charity has supporters, a dentist has patients, and a solicitor has clients. Simply by changing the terms you use, you can make your campaigns more successful.


What they buy


If you have more than one product or service, you could segment your customers by what they’ve bought from you in the past. By creating customer groups by what they buy, you can show them more of what you know for sure they are interested in.


Where they live


There are a few reasons to look at geography for customer segmentation. The first applies if you have a physical shop or showroom. Knowing who lives close to you geographically means you can tailor your marketing communications to real-world shopping. For your online customers, knowing their location means you can tailor to cultural norms, and even the right time to send an email to your international customers.


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