Looking to outsource your marketing department?

Looking to outsource your marketing department?

Why every business needs marketing

In today’s society, every business needs marketing.  Well, ok, you don’t but you can guarantee that your competitors will be adopting marketing techniques and planning their marketing objectives and strategies and if they are and you’re not…. Well, we’ll let you do the maths.

marketing mix

But employing people is timely and costly and how do you even know that the person you’re employing is going to do a good job?  How about passing the marketing function to someone you already employ – or taking it on yourself…. On top of your / their already packed schedule.  You need expertise in Online Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Outsourced Marketing, SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media management, local area marketing, lead generation, paid advertising, graphic design, web site analytics, search engine results, Mobile design, E-commerce, Blog campaigns; there are a dazzling array of internet marketing strategies, tactics, and specialties to consider.  That’s far too much for you or any of your team to take on, on top of your workloads, so we’re back to employing someone….  But can just one person provide you with the expertise in all these areas that your business deserves?

Probably not.


Why you should outsource

So, here’s an option you may not have considered yet – outsource it.  The whole department.  Pay a group of experts to each do their bit as and when it needs doing.  In short, outsource your marketing department!


Here’s they how and the why;


  • You will learn from it – If you want to be a better tennis player, for example, then you must play tennis against someone with higher skills than yours. Associating with better tennis talent, will make you a better tennis player, assuming you have the desire to learn. Same applies to marketing  By you / your employees participate in launching a marketing campaign by working hand-in-hand with the highly skilled talent in a niche marketing specialty that an outsourced marketing company possesses, will only improve your employee’s overall marketing skills.


  • An outsourced marketing agency has the resources and creative solutions to help your company be the first company to successfully bring a new product or service to the marketplace both gains and enjoys a significant competitive advantage. This surprise advantage forces your competition into scrambling around playing catch-up!


  • Marketing Outsourcing will be a lot less in terms of resources – Overheads in the form of office space, computers and supplies is an enormous drain on your company’s profits.Overheads that you don’t have to pay for when outsourcing.


  • Many companies often use multiple vendors to help facilitate their daily operations, and multiple vendors for various marketing disciplines is no exception. Multiple vendors, however, results in multiple and often duplicate communications of company goals, multiple meetings that create employee inefficiency, multiple relationships and personalities, multiple invoices and their inherent costs, multiple and often disparate understandings of how to apply technical specialties to a marketing campaign, all of which has to be adeptly managed by your senior management team.Your time is precious, don’t waste it!


We could go on, but you’re getting the picture.


How to choose the right agency


When you’ve made the decision to outsource, you need to find the right agency for you.  If you’re a SME or a start up, look for an agency who specialises in SME’s and start-ups.  If you are a local business, look for an agency who knows your region.  Can your chosen agency handle all of your requirements, will they help you with your marketing planning and strategies or are they in it just to make a quick buck out of the first project?  Take your time when choosing, see what the agency is doing for its own marketing?  Do they offer sage advice?  Are they up to date on their own websites and social marketing?  What have they done for their clients?  Do they have a good track record?  Do their clients recommend them?


It’s important to choose an agency you feel you can have a good relationship with – effective, friendly and within budget!


DP Marketing Communications provide the perfect solution and are offering a completely FREE marketing planning session for all of our clients. Get in touch today using our contact form or by emailing hello@dpmarketingcommunications.com to book your planning session today!

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