What if you get burgled??

Keep your business protected

You’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into it.  Spent hours and hours and hours looking at every detail to make it perfect.  You’ve paid experts to make it exactly how you want it to be.  It contains all that you hold dear.

Then one night, when nobody is looking, someone breaks in, takes anything of any monetary value and trashes the rest.

You are left with nothing.

But you’ve got your insurance, so although the intrusion is horrid and the very sentimental items cannot be replaced, you CAN replace and re-build what was taken from you, swiftly and with minimum fuss and effort on your part.  That’s why you pay for insurance!

You know we’re talking about your website, right?


Stay safe from hackers

Website Hackers are very much in the public eye right now.  The bad guys are literally everywhere and they are (for the most part) not too picky about whose business they want to bury.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if your website gets hacked, you lose not only what is on there but also any business that would come through your website – either people buying direct or researching the products and services you provide – until you can afford to build another one.

So, let’s put this in context……  If you are looking for a business to provide a service or a product, chances are that you look at their website to see what kind of a company they are, have they invested in themselves, do they look “good”.  If the website doesn’t exist or links are broken or it starts to throw up warnings on your computer, you just click away and go somewhere else, right?

Hackers can remove your website from existence, plant viruses on it or vandalise it in minutes.  If you haven’t got the right cover, this can leave you at best, with no website, at worse, without any customers, which means without a business.


How we can help

We have spent months researching what we believe to be the most important components and how to provide the best security and back up cover for our clients and we are delighted to be able to offer you website maintenance from just £25.99 per month.

What’s included?

Without getting too techy on you, we provide 2 website maintenance plans.  The economy and standard packages.  The standard plan includes:

Economy Plan £25.99 pcm

  • Monthly active monitoring
  • Monthly security scans
  • Monthly website hardening
  • Monthly back-ups
  • Monthly plug-in updates
  • Monthly blacklist monitoring

If you want more security or are updating your website a lot with information cover we have another option.


Standard Plan £40.99pcm

  • 24/7 Active monitoring
  • Daily security scans
  • Daily website hardening
  • Daily back-ups
  • Daily plug in updates
  • Daily blacklist monitoring


We would hate for you to get hacked and loose business and indeed, your business.  After all, you wouldn’t buy a house and not insure it, would you?


To find out more, please email us at:  hello@dpmarketingcommunications


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