Not all websites are rated equally – but why?

Not all websites are rated equally – but why?

As a business owner it is important that your website not only looks good, but it converts.


In our industry, we work with a lot of small businesses and SMEs. So we see a LOT of websites… Seriously… loads! We’ve seen the creme de la creme of websites. We’ve also seen websites that burn our retinas and needed killing with fire (we jest… kinda).


So, we have come to the conclusion that not all websites are equal.


One of the most frequent issues we come across is when we’re asked to ‘market’ an existing website. The website looks ‘ok’ from a design perspective, but it doesn’t actually work. At least not from a sales and strategic business perspective; visitors fall right out of the marketing and sales funnel as soon as they reach the website.


We won’t touch jobs like this with a barge pole unless we can fix these issues. Not because we’re picky, but because we don’t want to market a website that won’t convert… pouring visitors down a leaky sales funnel is pointless (and, therefore, incredibly expensive) for everyone involved. Plus, we have our reputation to think of!


It’s usually because they have scrimped on using a cheap provider to create a website that has not delivered.


It is important to remember:

  • Marketing professionals are NOT designers or developers
  • Web developers are NOT designers or marketing professionals
  • Designers are NOT marketing professionals or developers


Before you look at a cheap designer, please do ask yourself a question… Will the website actually convert into sales? Or are you just producing an online brochure that is a cheap outlay but ultimately, losing you money in the long term. But what is the solution?



You need development, marketing and design professionals that work together like a well oiled machine!


We believe that small businesses and start ups deserve more than a cheap but shoddy job. And we’re more than just a web design company. This is why we offer WordPress website creation from as little as £799 from experienced marketing, design and web development professionals.


We even offer monthly payment options to spread the cost (because we’re nice like that!)



DP Marketing Communications have many years of experience and expertise in various industry sectors working with corporate clients, SMEs and start ups. We like to do things properly by incorporating web development skills, design, branding, marketing strategy, UX, powerful website copywriting and sales funnel implementation to produce websites that work intelligently for our clients. The websites we create stand out against mediocrity!


These are all the elements needed to create a successful website, without each of these, it is likely that your website will be less effective at generating income for you.


If you buy too cheap, you buy twice.


Don’t put your business at risk, you work so hard. Make the dream work!




Who are we and why book a session with us?


DP Marketing Communications Ltd is an established, passionate, ethically priced, and fast-growing marketing agency in Northamptonshire. We have a strong team of experts that work together daily to assist in web design and development projects that convert into leads for the businesses that we work with.


Our quirky and high performing brand has been recognised in business awards for its innovative approaches to helping SME’s to flourish and providing a high-level marketing agency experience, all without the expensive marketing agency price tag! The business also has a streak of over 50 ( ALL 5 star reviews!)


Intelligent marketing. Fair pricing. Creative thinking. Good vibes. Results.


We live for helping SMEs! The business prides itself in offering low prices but high-quality outputs. We know how difficult juggling a tight marketing & website budget can be (and also how expensive it can be to fix errors made by ‘cheap options’ ) and we do all we can to help our clients grow with ROI in mind.


A bit about the founder


“My vision was to create a fully accessible and affordable full-service creative agency for SME businesses with practices that actually work. I created the agency that I always dreamed of having by my side when I was working as a busy marketing manager in my early working life, trying to juggle small marketing budgets. I realised that this was a common problem for small businesses and one that I felt needed addressing!”.

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