The benefits of hiring a remote marketing team instead of one marketing manager

The benefits of hiring a remote marketing team instead of one marketing manager

If you are looking to implement a solid marketing strategy in 2021, you may be considering hiring a dedicated marketing manager. After all, you’re a forward-thinking business owner who wants to reap the rewards that an intelligent marketing strategy provides.


And we applaud you for that.


But before you spend your time writing a job description, sifting through CVs and interviewing candidates, have you considered the benefits of hiring a remote marketing team who have all the tools of the trade to slot into your business seamlessly?



Unless you are lucky enough to find a marketing Wonder Woman or Superman who is an expert in every field of marketing from strategy to AI technologies and social media management to web development, then one person simply can’t do it all. Even superheroes need to sleep.


2021 is going to be the year of remote working. After a 2020 we’d all rather forget, remote working has become a way of life that is here to stay. The nation has discovered that collaboration online is not scary, is extremely easy – and has also helped to keep us safe throughout the pandemic.


We’ve been working remotely for almost five years, and as a collective team of talented strategists, designers, developers, writers, technical whizzes and social media gurus, you get all the benefits of a large marketing team—with none of the overheads, expense or people management.


Surely a marketing manager will be devoted solely to my business?


That’s absolutely true. Their focus will be entirely on your marketing campaigns and digital strategies, but that’s not always a good thing. Over time, there is every chance that they will run out of fresh ideas and your campaigns will become ‘samey’. And no one wants that.


To ensure each marketing campaign can propel your business to new heights, opting for an agency with a team of people who can bounce ideas around and share experiences will guarantee shiny new ideas and offer unique perspectives of your business.


Won’t access to all that talent be expensive?


Nope. When you consider the average salary for a marketing manager in the United Kingdom is £34,069* — plus employers NI and pension contributions, sick pay and maternity pay—hiring talent is a costly business.


Hiring a remote team such as ours provides you with access to a massive pool of talent who can work as few or many hours per month as you require, giving you total control of your marketing spend.


Will I have to deal with lots of people?


Not at all. Just like hiring a marketing manager, we’ll assign a friendly account manager who will be your day-to-day contact—but who has the power of a team of marketing professionals at their fingertips. Think of it as having five or more brains for the price of one!


A remote marketing crew is a seamless extension of your team, working with you to create strategies and devise and execute campaigns. And they will be willing to put their money where their mouth is and deliver in-depth monthly reports so you can be sure your KPIs are being met.


If you’re still umming and ahhing about whether to hook up with a remote marketing agency or hire a marketing manager, speak to DP Marketing Communications and receive free 3-month marketing plan tailored to your objectives.



Sometimes all you need is a little outside perspective to make your business fly!



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