10 Reasons why you need a pay per click campaign

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10 Reasons why you need a pay per click campaign

So, what exactly is pay per click?


Pay per click, or PPC as we refer to it here, is a type of sponsored online advertising. With pay per click, you can promote your business in search engines or on high traffic websites. It is designed to increase traffic to your website, generate leads, and drive sales.


Think about it… when you want to find something online, what do you do? Use a search engine. Google accounts for 95% of mobile PPC ads. That’s pretty compelling! So, when your product or service is searched for, we use pay per click campaigns to make sure you are right there for your customer to find.


Here’s an example of a PPC advert. The search term ‘running shoes’ produces results for Nike first, which tells us that they are:


a) bidding highly on the term, and


b) that Google deems their website to be extremely relevant to what’s being searched for.


Pay per click Example

10 Reasons why you need a PPC Campaign

pay per click google1. Instant Impact – unlike organic search, PPC can put you at the top of Google (or Bing) in a matter of hours. So, if you need to dial up traffic, sales, or leads at a rapid rate this is a great marketing lever to pull.


2. You have complete control over your spending. You can work out exactly what you are prepared to pay for each visit to your website.


3. Pay per click is measurable. You’re able to establish your return on investment rapidly and communicate results to key stakeholders internally.


4. PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.


5. For high commercial intent searches, PPC adverts receive 65% of all clicks.


6. 75% of users who find local, helpful information in search results, are more likely to visit a physical shop.


7. According to Google, search ads can increase Brand awareness by 80%.


8. There are at least 300,000 mobile apps currently showing Google mobile ads.


9. Google allows you to target potential customers based on their interests, gender, age, location, language and device. So, if you already have an understanding of what your customer looks like, this is a fantastic opportunity to reach them directly.


10. Google always wants to be the best, and as a result of this they constantly offer new and exciting ways to target your customers and convert them. Our team stay abreast of all of the latest developments and are always ready to discuss new opportunities with you to drive your business forward.


How easy is it to set up a PPC campaign?


Pay per click sounds too good to be true. Where’s the catch?


Well, PPC doesn’t just magically happen. It does take a lot of time and effort to maintain campaigns and requires continual optimisation to make it cost effective.


This is where we can help you. DP Marketing Communications offers a full pay per click service. From setting up your campaigns, performing detailed keyword research, setting your campaigns live, analysing crucial metrics, regular optimisation, and detailed reporting.


In the time it’s taken you to read this blog, there have been 4,800,000 searches on Google. So, if you’d like to know how you can reach your customers now, please get in touch and claim your free PPC review and planning session.

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