DP Marketing Communications Website Design and Development Portfolio

DP Marketing Communications Website Design and Development Portfolio

Here at DP Marketing Communications, we absolutely LOVE website design and development. We use marketing intelligence to create you the perfect website, with all the functionality it needs from the get-go, AND give you everything you need to keep your content fresh and up to date.

Take a look at some recent websites we’ve developed for our clients. Just click the image to visit the site and see it in action!


 Northampton Town Festival WebsiteShowtime Events Website Hull Show Website

Coaching and Wellbeing

Kangen Water WebsiteInsightful Way WebsiteDa Silver Coaching WebsiteHanadi Al Marzouq

Building, Construction, Lighting, and Energy

Vividways WebsiteWarm Conservatory Roof Company WebsiteDM Property Management WebsiteDakal Lighting WebsiteBusiness Energy for Less Website

 Crystal Energy Website

Hair and Beauty

The Muse Salon WebsiteNatural Beauty Slimming Website

Other Businesses

Caropal WebsiteNS-UK Website

Our website design process


When it comes to website design and development, our first step is to really get to know your audience. When we understand the needs and desires of your customers, we can map out a user journey to identify the best layout, content, and functionality for your customers.

The next step for us is to work with you to find the best possible solution for your budget. We don’t believe in cutting corners here, but we also know it’s important to find an affordable solution for a growing business. So… it can be basic but brilliant, or completely full of detailed delightfulness. It all depends on how far the website rabbit hole you want to go!

Once you’ve chosen your preferred option, we’ll really get to work. We draft content and bespoke design of your website. Whether it’s a long-form sales page filled with SEO keywords or an e-Commerce site to sell your wares, our content writers know just how to grab the attention of your clients!

When it’s all good and ready to go, our website developers create your brand new site. Then, our favourite bit… your fabulous new site goes live.

Websites that work


All our website creations are bespoke to the needs and brand identity of each company. We focus on marketing intelligence to encourage brand loyalty – consumer behavior is a specialty of ours. For example, did you know changing the colour of a ‘Call to Action’ button on your website can enhance click-through rate by 34%? And we get great results – which shows in our feedback!

Website design feedback

Our prices start from £599, based on the amount of pages and features included. We also offer monthly payment options. After all, we know it’s not always easy running an SME, so like to help where we can! Most of our websites are built with WordPress but we can work with other platforms too. We can also provide CMS systems for you to easily update your own website – or we can update it for you too. We’re happy to work around you! So to work out the best solution for your business, email us at hello@dpmarketingcommunications.com to book a FREE consultation appointment.

Lastly, we offer a range of packages suited to protecting your website – click here to find out more.


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