What are mood boards, and how can you make one?

Mood Boards

What are mood boards, and how can you make one?

Mood boards tell us who you are


Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, it’s important that you have a strong brand identity. Not only does it help your customers recognise you, but it also lets them know your personality. Most business owners can already picture the personality of their business, and we’re here to turn that vision into a reality. But how do we get it out of your brain and into the world?

Well, one way is to for you to show us. Mood boards are a great way to communicate the ‘look and feel’ you want for your business. All you need to do is find things that match the tone of your business, and put them together in a collage. And thanks to the age of technology, there are a gazillion examples right at your fingertips. Or, perhaps you prefer to keep it old skool, and would rather get out the scissors and pritt-stick – whatever works for you!


mood boards

Happy Summer Mood Board by Meredith Schubiger


If you decide to choose the online option, there are great free web-based programs like canva or Pinterest that are perfect for creating mood boards. Simply upload images you like (we find screen printing and cropping works a treat) and drag and drop them into a collage template.


So, what should mood boards include?



Your clients’ desires


It’s important for you to like your branding. It’s even more important for your potential customers to like it! So, when you create a mood board, make sure you’re thinking of their inner desires. Think about what they want to see and feel when they think of your business; where could they be if they do business with you? What will entice them to know more about your business?




A splash of colour


Colour can say a lot about who you are as a business. Maybe you’re a cheery yellow with a hint of cool blue. Or you might be a strong red and sophisticated slate grey. Or perhaps a royal purple with glittery-gold sparkles (yes, darling, we see you!). We recommend searching for colour palettes – a quick Google search will bring up hundreds of ideas. Or, simply find pictures containing the colours your clients will like.


Also think about what emotions those colours convey, and which other brands use those colours, too.





Words and Phrases


Mood boards contain words and phrases for two very good reasons. The first is that including text in mood boards gives you the opportunity to show us fonts your customers will LOVE. Secondly, you can include words that describe your business. Do you want your business to shout, ‘you’re in for an adventure with me!’, or reassure people that they’re in safe hands with you? Either way, make sure the fonts you choose match the tone and personality of your business, while being appealing to your audience.


Font Matters


Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures


Mood boards are very visual tools. So get as much imagery together as you can. You should consider including photography, textures, patterns, icons, or even cartoons! Most importantly, we’re looking for the style of imagery. Do you want your imagery to be people-focused to show how happy you’ll make your clients? Or do you prefer something more abstract that will add a bit of mystery and intrigue?

Mood Boards

Here’s one we made earlier

Mood Boards

Here’s one we made even earlier!


Stay on track and on message

While you’re searching for elements to add to your mood boards, remember to see everything through your clients’ eyes. If you need some help identifying who your clients are, or would like a free consultation where we can discuss your brand, contact us today.


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