Memories Are Precious…Treasure Them

Memories Are Precious…Treasure Them

Our animators have been busy this week…And this is part of the reason why. Check out our latest video creation for Lindsey Arber Photography.

Lindsey Arber Photography came to us with a brief for her photography company. A brief  to promote her portrait sessions for individuals, families and pets.  As you can see, she had some lovely pictures to work with…but we wanted the video to do more than showcase her work, we wanted our audience to understand why having a portrait session was so beneficial for them.

So this got us thinking, why do we take photographs? What are the benefits of having photographs taken professionally. We realised that apart from having something nice to put in a frame, the real reason that we take photographs is quite nostalgic…its all about the memories!

We then explored the types of people that are mainly the decision makers for purchasing portrait photography sessions and you guessed it…it’s women. Our analysis went a little deeper than that but we won’t bore you with our marketing geek talk about customer segmentation and customer profiling!

We then took the three services and separated her portfolio into the sections that she covered, photos with family, capturing the cuteness of little ones as they are now, portraits for adults and finally the beloved family pets.

With some animation know how and a lovely little free gift promo, here you have it. The Lindsey Arber Video ready for for a proactive marketing campaign. It can now be used to generate sales and awareness on her social media channels, blogs, email newsletter. Lindsey now create a YouTube channel for additional coverage (not to mention the SEO benefits!)…. all for £100 by DP Marketing Communications.

We hope that you like it as much as Lindsey Arber did!

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