10 Top Tips for Launching a Product

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10 Top Tips for Launching a Product

Thinking about launching a product?


We speak to a lot of business owners that are keen to launch products but just don’t know how to do it. We thought we would share a few of our top tips with you.


🔧Always fix a problem for your customers with your product not just because you think it will be cool to have one.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦You need to know more than your audiences age, gender and location. To be effective, get to know their behaviours, pain points, goals and what is important to them. This will help with crafting the message that needs to accompany your product.


? Know where your product will be positioned in the market. If you say you want to appeal to everyone. Don’t. You will appeal to no-one.


👀Snoop on competitors. Do better 😉


💋Visuals matter, don’t scrimp on branding and marketing research to test your visuals and concept.


⏰Make a REALISTIC timeline for the launch ( that allows you to sleep, eat and enjoy being a human at the same time).


👩‍💻Let a professional look over your marketing/ launch plan or help you put one together. **Hint Hint**


💷Be mindful with budgeting. E.g. Product development, marketing budget, advertising etc. Consider investment elsewhere if you are doing it on a shoestring budget.


📈Forecasting and tracking are not just fancy words. Know your numbers or get someone to help you with this side if numbers are not your bag.


💪Marketing tactics matter. The choices are vast. Make sure the right ones get your attention and follow a clear marketing strategy and timeline or you will feel overwhelmed (e.g. Influencer marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, PR, Advertising, Resellers, Marketplaces, SEO, the list goes on).



Feel free to holler if you have any questions for our team!


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