Keep your business one step ahead of coronavirus

Keep your business one step ahead of coronavirus

Get an online presence FAST!


We always presumed that a viral infection on a global scale would involve hordes of zombies wandering the street.


Maybe we watch too many movies.


But while the current coronavirus pandemic may not have been caused by the extras of ‘Thriller’, it is sadly true to say that COVID-19 is going to have a dramatic impact on the lives of everyone in the UK.


Of course, our first concerns should rightly be for the well-being of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.  Everyone here at DPMC HQ sincerely hope our loved ones and extended network of clients (whom we also love!) stay well, stay positive and stay safe.



It isn’t too late.


Unfortunately, the negative impact of coronavirus on businesses has already taken its toll for many.


Jobs at The Carphone Warehouse and Laura Ashley are at risk. Staff at Virgin Atlantic have been asked to take eight weeks unpaid leave. So, if the big boys of industry are feeling the effects, you might be wondering what chance your small business has of surviving during these unprecedented and uncertain times.


Well, we have some good news. You have a great chance of survival, even if you’ve not done well so far. If you haven’t already, get an online presence established for your company.  It’s an astonishing fact but, according to the Office of National Statistics latest findings, only 45% of micro-enterprises (small businesses to you and I) have a website.


The headlines are asking us to self-isolate, stay at home and order goods and services online rather than heading for the High Street. So, if you are one of the 55% who don’t have a website and are solely reliant on passing trade or customers coming to a bricks and mortar building to buy your goods, then now is the time to take the leap and move your business online.


We promise you it’s not scary. The explosion of internet-connected devices has transformed the way we shop and do business. Connecting with customers online is now super-easy for small businesses, and a website will help to keep the cash rolling in whilst we are all sitting in self-isolation looking to treat ourselves to something nice.  (We’re already clicking ‘Add To Basket’ on anything unicorn-related, shiny shoes – and of course toilet roll!)



Returns on your investment


We also promise that it’s not too costly for a small business to have an online presence that kicks ass. We do understand your concerns that maybe investing in a website won’t pay off.  Believe us, it will.  We’ve got shed-loads of clients (read about them here) who have benefited from:


  • Increased return on their investment
  • A boost in credibility and exposure that goes way beyond a storefront
  • Reaching a larger audience and gaining maximum visibility
  • A lot of love from Google (yep – we can help with that too)
  • New revenue streams via your shiny new online shop
  • Stealing a march on ‘dinosaur’ competitors who think the Internet is ‘just a phase’
  • A professional website that looks totally awesome to boot (which 55% of your competitors don’t have!)


Get your FREE marketing planning session


This is where we weave our DPMC magic. We are a seriously committed crew of talented web designers, content creators, UX unicorns, SEO specialists and social media masters – all of whom have experience in running our own small businesses.


We’re so confident that we can create a marvellous website and implement the marketing tactics to get you noticed that we’re offering a FREE consultation session with no obligation – all followed up with a detailed three-month marketing strategy.  We can do everything over the phone, so if you are self-isolating and looking for new and inventive ways to keep your business busy, then get in touch.


Unlike the big agencies (with the big price tag to match), we get you. We’ve been there. And we want to help you succeed in uncertain times.  Just don’t ask us to go into battle against any zombies… we are lovers, not fighters!

Get in touch with the DPMC team for your FREE consultation – we’re looking forward to working with you. 

Jo Pennell
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