Why isn’t your website converting?

Why isn’t your website converting?

Getting a new website is a really exciting time, the work that has gone into producing this all singing and dancing website that will really showcase what your company has to offer. The launch day has arrived… but after some time, there are no sales!


…but after some time, there are no sales!


Believe it or not, just having a website doesn’t mean you’re going to get sales. At DP Marketing Communications, we are banging our heads on the wall with the launch-and-leave-it approach. It is as effective as throwing a tea bag in Lake Titicaca and trying to get Lake Tea. So, we have outlined some of the reasons that your website might not be converting and continued with the terrible similes throughout – enjoy!


Website Traffic


Leave it – they will come. Well… not quite. Is your website actually bringing in traffic?


A website that isn’t encouraging visitors is like having the lights on with no light bulbs. It’s running, but no one can see anything.



First and foremost, begin with an effective content strategy. Update your content regularly. Blogs and articles to offer valuable content to your target audience. In doing so, google will be quick to learn your key search terms and the journey of improving your rankings will ramp right up!


Link your social media organic posts to your website and encourage people to go and have a look. It’s amazing how adding a link to your website on your posts can increase your traffic.


Ads – there’s no shame in paid advertisements! Whether people find your site organically or through a paid ad, a customer is a customer! Plus, how will they know you’re there if they can’t see you amongst the masses?


Get some ads on (well thought-out ones, of course, to make the most from your money) and begin getting customers through your virtual doors and into the warm embrace of your company’s products or services.


Target Audience


Do you have customer personas? No?! Well, email us immediately. If you don’t know who your target audience is, then they won’t either. It’s the salesman at the door trying to sell you a conservatory when you live in a flat.


Without effective targeting, the waste of resources is huge!


In a world where information is available at our finger tips, we love personalised content that directly appeals to us as individuals. As a business, if your products appeal to large groups of people, that doesn’t mean you don’t need customer personas, if anything it means you need more of them. Effectively tailoring your communications and user journey’s offers value and maximum customer retention. Open up the two-way communication loop and listen to what your customers want.



Non-responsive website


According to data 51.74% of all website traffic come from a mobile device with 2.65% coming from tablet devices. With this figure expected to continue to grow, no matter how awesome your website looks on a laptop or desktop computer, if it can’t translate onto mobile, you’re missing out on a massive chunk of customers! This is like trying to slice vegetables with a spoon, it will probably do the job eventually, but the process is irritating and messy. Make sure it works on every platform!


User Experience


There isn’t a lot of time to WOW someone when they come to your website, they are more than likely there for a reason. If they can’t find it or have been led there under false pretences, then they’ll BOUNCE.


As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent. 41 to 55 percent is roughly average. 56 to 70 percent is higher than average, but may not be cause for alarm depending on the website. Anything over 70 percent is disappointing for everything outside of blogs, news, events, etc.


Consider your website as a map almost to purchase or subscribing. The journey takes them on the road with signs on where to go, what to look at on the way and capture their attention at every turn.



A great user experience is more often than not about simplifying the buyer process. It isn’t a secret that people don’t have time, if they’ve made a decision to purchase from an ad or other post then we need to make sure that what they’ve made their decision on is ready for them immediately before they get fed up and abandon ship.


A good user experience also makes the customer feel valued and important, it can be down to the language you use. Personalised offers, thank you or other personal touches that makes every user feel a little fuzzy happy ball inside and assured you are worthy of their hard-earned cash!


Call to Actions


Sometimes even the simplest of changes can make a massive difference on conversion. Adding call to action buttons, where they are situated, even what colour they are can have a massive change. We’ve all been on a bad website and haven’t been able to find out where on earth to make a purchase or book. A website without good call to actions is reading a book when the pages are glued together.


To analyse websites, we often install heat maps to get a better idea of where customers are looking and to make sure that we can get the most important information straight to them. As an agency, we do a lot of reviews on websites to make sure they are optimised and give recommendations on how to create a winning customer journey and increase conversions.


Email us your website and we’ll review it!


Search Terms


SEO, meta tags, back links, search terms. Master Google, you will master the world!


Don’t get us wrong this is no simple task and we have a dedicated SEO and PPC team who work tirelessly to master google as it is an ever-changing landscape. But there are simple steps you can take.


Form a good content plan, when producing a blog or a new page make sure the title and description adequately describe what it is about. When searching on Google, this will give visitors a good idea of what the page is about, and they won’t leave straight away. A lot of websites, like WordPress offer plug-ins that help to optimise your content for SEO and indicate how well it will rank.


Nearly missed a comparison here, good SEO is like a really amazing sandwich. It’s full of meat (content) condiments (search terms) sandwiched together with 2 massive slices of bread (value!). Add in an SEO expert you have yourself a moist maker, soaked in gravy and brimming with flavour that no one can resist.


Page Load Times


Every second counts, with the risk of sounding cheesy “time is money my friend”. For websites, speed is definitely important! The probability of a bounce according to Google data goes up 32% as a page load time goes from 1 to 3 seconds. No business can afford a slow page load time. It’s the deal breaker of any website, like going on a first date and them showing up late and leaving without paying the bill.


There are lots of different tools online to check your website health that will tell you your page load times like this one from Google. as well as telling you your page load times, it will outline other factors that may be impacting your website. Take these to your developer to get fixed and keep an eye on how this helps your website perform.


To get the most out of your website, rebrand or build from scratch get in touch with the team here at DP for a quote. We don’t just build websites, we create winning user journeys that are built on evidence, strategy and expertise!


Jo Pennell
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