Why Isn’t Your Product Selling?

Why Isn’t Your Product Selling?

So, you had a great idea and got all excited, using your years of experience to develop a totally awesome product.


You launch it and sit back, waiting for the £££’s to come in, but much to your surprise…instead of the sales avalanche you expected, you just got tumbleweed.


Sure, a few of your brand enthusiasts clicked on the landing page to find out a little more, but no one (or very few) crossed over that conversion line and bought the product. GULP!


So what now? Do you give up and suck up the overheads?


Unlock your sales potential


Just because you don’t have (m)any sales doesn’t mean you should give up.


Getting to know your audience better is key to understanding why your product isn’t selling. And the easiest way to get a feel for what you audience’s buying needs and motivations are, is just by asking them!



Understanding your audience


So that you can make the necessary changes to your product or marketing as quickly as possible, it’s best to keep it simple. Leave the war and peace customer surveys aside and just ask a few insightful questions which will help you move forward, quickly and effectively.


Here’s a few suggestions to help progress you from sales zero to hero, in no time:


Who are you?

It might seem obvious but it is an essential information gathering question which can ensure you are marketing your product to the right audience.


To build a picture of your audience, gain details such as age, employment, income, lifestyle as well as their shopping preferences (online/offline, brands, price).


Why did you buy our product?


In a world filled with so many different companies and brands competing for a buyer, it is important to understand the buying motivations of your audience. Was there a challenge they trying to overcome (i.e. weight loss, kitchen storage)? Is there a status they are aiming to achieve? Or was it based on recommendations (i.e. hair and beauty)?


Tapping into your audience values and needs can really help you develop the right marketing plan and positioning for your product.


How easy was it to buy our product?

There many reasons why someone may like your product but still not buy it. This question can help whittle down any sticking points, which may affect a buyer’s decision to make that purchase, initially and again in the future.


Honest feedback about what works well and what doesn’t work well during the sales transaction,  whether it’s the positioning of the shop, too many clicks or just an incomplete web form, will really aid developments.


Where did you hear about us/this product?


You might not think it matters where people heard about your product or bought it from – as long as they make the sale, right?


Wrong. Knowing more about they type of media your audience members use is really important for key marketing decisions. There’s no point in placing an advert in the local paper if your audience members largely read the news and make their purchases online.


Do you have any other comments?

It might seem like a throw away question, which people add in to increase the question count. But an open-ended question can actually encourage an audience member to open up about their experience of your product or company, providing valuable feedback you wouldn’t have got otherwise.



Need some help?


If you’re still not sure how to improve your sales, our marketing strategists are here to help!


From brand development, marketing strategies and communications plans, we’re bursting with the skills and ideas that can see your sales soar.


Get in touch for a free marketing consultation.

Jo Pennell
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