Reach More Customers with Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing

Reach More Customers with Interactive Marketing

If your business was a mythical animal, what would it be?


We’d be a unicorn! What about you?


Your answer here doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’re thinking about it. You want to tell us about your business. We’ve got your attention.


It’s pretty amazing how a simple question can immediately grab a reader’s focus. And most people love to tell you about themselves… it’s seemingly a part of human nature.


Using interactive marketing, you can appeal to this innate human behaviour to get more leads, more sales, and more referrals.



So what is interactive marketing, anyway?


Interactive MarkeitngInteractive Marketing uses content in a way that gives the audience a chance to respond. In return, they get a personalised result. This could be a quote for one of your services, like “How much would a new kitchen cost?” or maybe a product recommendation, like “Which hat suits your face shape?“.


Check out this example we made for one of our clients.


There are other ways to use interactive marketing. You could create a fun quiz or poll to widen your reach on social media, or even run a competition.


But why go to the effort? What are the benefits?



Increase your reach


Quizzes are amongst the most widely-shared content on social media. We’re sure you’ve seen them before. What’s your unicorn name? Where’s your ideal holiday location? What kind of potato are you?


Using interactive marketing and getting your share of the quiz shares means that more people are going to click, without you needing to pay for ads. And when you link your quiz to your Facebook pixel, you can re-target them with ads – whether they left their email address or not.


That can be A LOT of people when you get your content right.




Provide value early in the relationship


We don’t know about you, but we are constantly bombarded with marketing content – on social media, television, in our inboxes, on bus stops… just about everywhere you look.


When marketing is just saying, ‘Wanna buy stuff off me?‘ or ‘Hey! Give me your money!’, it’s exhausting.


Interactive marketing breaks up the monotony and gives your audience something for nothing. Whether it’s a bit of fun, a product recommendation, or a serious quote for a large home improvement project. You’re providing some value, and your audience will remember that.



Segment your audience


Just gotta have it!

Using responses from a quiz can help you understand and segment your audience for better marketing campaigns.


Think about it… you’ve just filled out a quiz that shows you the perfect hat for you. You had fun taking the quiz. You liked the hat you saw in the results, but decided against clicking through to buy it. Two days later, on payday, you receive an email including a special offer for the exact same hat. Sometimes, that’s just too tempting to pass up!



Tips for interactive marketing content


Keep it short


Ask too few questions and your audience will be disappointed and remain disengaged. Ask too many and they’ll turn off.  Ideally, you want to ask your audience between 5 and 10 questions before blowing their mind with a perfectly tailored result.


Make it relevant


If you’re using a quiz or a calculator to attract people to your business, it’s got to be relevant and as accurate as possible. Let’s take the example of getting a quote for a new kitchen…


You visit a website and see a calculator to get an online quote for a new fitted kitchen. You answer a couple of questions about the size of your kitchen, your preferred appliance, and the colour and style of the cupboard doors. You’re quoted £2,500. Great!


Then, after a callback from the company, a contractor pops round to finalise the plans. Then, you’re given an official quote for £6,200, which you can’t afford. You’d be pretty annoyed, right?


You don’t want to do that to your potential customers, as it can damage your reputation and wastes time chasing leads.


Take advantage of automation


The data you can get from interactive marketing is priceless. But if you have to manually sift through it all, you’re not doing it right.


To avoid creating more work for yourself, make the most of integrations between your interactive content and your mailing list. You should also make sure you add your Facebook pixel so you don’t lose contact with those who engage.


Does all this sound like too much hard work?


We’ve got access to innovative interactive marketing technology, and a team of experts ready to create you some awesome content! Contact us to find out about our interactive content packages!


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