Glittery Beards Raise £5,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK

The Mayor of Northampton

Glittery Beards Raise £5,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK

Glittery Beards Raise £5,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK


On Saturday 2nd July 2016 hundreds of people crowded round the DP Marketing Communications stand at Northampton Town Festival on the Racecourse in Northampton for the Glitter-beard-athon Fundraistravaganza.


Created by Daniella Paolozzi, Director of the marketing agency and assisted by her team of glitter fairies ready to sparkle the beards of men from all over the region and further, to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.




Events of the day 


With 5 kilograms of multi-coloured glitter, copious amounts of beard oil, and the team of fairies dancing around with makeup brushes we had our work cut out for us with the incredible show of 150 beards, ‘burns and stubbly chins queuing ready to be made fabulous – luckily we had our “Pimsy”, Tony Jack, ready on standby with complimentary beverages and fairy cakes for those waiting.


A raffle was held with prizes donated by local businesses including a neuro-linguistic programming session, perfume, beard related treats, alcoholic beverages and of course more glitter (!) and more – the prizes have been distributed and the video of the full draw can be found on our Facebook page – links below.




So how much money did we raise?


We set an optimistic target of £5,000 to be raised for Alzheimer’s Research UK and achieved over! Fundraiser’s gave generously, we held a raffle and those being glitterfied also gave generously at the event!




A few words from DP Marketing Communications


Daniella Paolozzi, Marketing Director’s words on the event:


“Well, what can we say DP Marketing Communications bunch of bearded legends came, saw, sparkled (a lot!) and they absolutely SMASHED IT!


More importantly, together we have managed to raise an absolutely ridiculous amount of money for Alzheimer’s Research UK and we really cannot begin to thank everybody involved enough. We are still awaiting a few donations to come in but know that we have raised over £5000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK. I am so proud of what we have achieved with organising this event, and how much fun everyone had.


Everyone that came and supported the event should all be bloody proud of what they have achieved here as a sum like this will genuinely make a huge difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s. We couldn’t have done it without our bearded legends, awesome glitter fairies and support from friends and family. We still cannot believe how well it has gone. 


When we decided to put on the event, we never dreamed that it would bring in such a substantial amount of money for the charity or that the people that came to the event would be so generous, supportive, friendly and enthusiastic about what we were doing. Not to mention the utter coolness of the dudes that rocked up to get their beards glittered yesterday! We met some true gents and it was an absolute pleasure. We had so much fun!


Not forgetting the ladies and kids that came to join in the glittery fun too. Haha, a good few beards created for women too!


Once again, thank you, thank you… THANK YOU! We are totally blown away.”




About DP Marketing Communications


DP Marketing Communications is a creative marketing agency without the marketing agency price-tag, specialising in start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses in the Northamptonshire area and beyond.




Media Contact


If you would like to discuss the event in more detail, contact Daniella Paolozzi on 07538089345 or email


Useful Links


The Event Facebook Page


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Article on the Alzheimer’s Research UK Website


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Images & PDF Press Release Available Here


Glitter-beard-athon Fundraistravaganza Event Photos


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