Coronavirus Business Concerns?

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Amidst all the uncertainty that the current coronavirus pandemic is unleashing across the world, there are many small business owners who sadly feel that their destiny is no longer in their hands.


It takes blood, sweat and tears to build business success. And sadly, the impact of COVID-19 has the potential to decimate many livelihoods and dreams.


As a small (but perfectly formed) business, we know from conversations with fellow business owners that many are already feeling the effects that COVID-19 is having on the UK economy. But how do you ensure the survival of the small company you’ve work so hard to build up?


Businesses such as independent shops who rely on passing trade, or mobile hairdressers who can no longer visit their clients’ homes have seen their income reduced to zero practically overnight. And that’s just NOT what you signed up for.


So, what can small businesses do?


The quickest win for small businesses who are panicking about the impact of coronavirus on their bottom line is to establish an online presence and build their community. If you already have one, it’s time to improve it! It’s easy to get online if you know the right people (HELLO – we ARE the right people) and we LOVE the ingenuity we’ve already seen online to fight back and greatly improve a business’s chance of survival.


By utilising online technologies in an agile way, we’ve witnessed yoga classes delivered online, hairdressers using their website to communicate to their clients that they can deliver hair dyes to their doorstep, and fruit and veg sellers launching an online ordering system that will keep them trading in troubled times. We’ve got bags of ideas to get businesses booming online!


We believe every small business can add value to their customers during this crisis. They just need to be super-smart about their communication methods – and having a web presence can reach audiences who are stuck in their homes and using technology more than ever before to place orders, book deliveries, communicate with loved ones and feel connected.


More than ever, NOW is the time to start moving your business online.


Online marketing

Fancy a FREE website planning session with us?


We’re a good vibes marketing agency. With a team of over 30 marketing magicians, web development wizards, social media strategists and devilishly talented designers. We’re ethical, too, so we won’t try and sell you anything we don’t believe will add value to your business. And we certainly don’t come with the hefty price tags that our competitors do. But we DO pride ourselves on delivering a more personal and friendly service than the big boys in suits.


If you’re unsure how to get started on the road to online success, feel free to get in touch. We’re offering marketing planning sessions (currently via video calls – #staysafe, guys) and all the advice you need to bring your business online.


If you already have a website, but it’s not really up to scratch, we’ll review it for you at no cost and advise on improvements and embellishments we can implement to bring it bang up to date and get it working hard for your business.


There’s no charge for your planning session because we want to use our knowledge to advise our fellow small business owners. It’s times like these we need to pull together and weather the storm, so we’re doing our bit to help.


After our session, if you like what you see (which we’re sure you will, because we’ve got tonnes of happy customers) we’ll work with you to design and build a super-looking, functional website that converts. We also offer ongoing marketing support packages to keep customers visiting your newly polished website.


Take advantage of our marketing-savvy to get the website you need right now. Claim your FREE website review with the friendly peeps at DP Marketing Communications and let’s get businesses working to defeat the impact of COVID-19. Stay healthy.


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