Contact Us Pages to Boost Your Business

Contact Us Pages to Boost Your Business

How to make the most of your Contact Us web page


When developing a new website, it’s fair to say that the humble ‘Contact Us’ page probably gets a little sidelined. Relegated to the subs bench, while its snazzy home, product and service page friends get all the creative action.


After all, it doesn’t need a lot of time and effort, you just need some basic contact information and you’re good to go, right?




Your ‘Contact Us’ page is one of your website’s most important pages. As a literal call to action, which provides a gateway to your sales leads, it is statistically one of your most visited web pages. So, don’t let your new website down at the all important last hurdle.


Let’s rejig your website hit list and give your contact us page the respect and creativity it deserves using these tops tips.


Location, location


Don’t hide your contact page in your home page footer site map. A contact page should be easy to find.

So shout it loud and proud from the top of your global bar. And find ways to drip feed links leading to it, from within your content pages.




If you’ve used your brand visuals and tone of voice throughout your website, why stop at your contact page?


Chuck those old fashioned contact listings (who uses fax anymore, anyway?) out of the window and continue cultivating a relationship with your potential leads with an on-brand opener. Try thanking them for their interest and then give people an idea of why they should get in touch (er fabulous new website, anyone?). Check out this example from Basecamp:



Captain data


Lead generation is at the core of a contact page. For ease, embedding a contact form can help extract vital information from a lead while lessening the amount of user friction.


Offering different user interfaces can help field the types of enquiries coming in, whether in the form of different entry points (i.e. Support or Sales) or a drop down list of options, can help support an easy to use contact form.


Be social


As well as the bog standard telephone number and email address, ensure you link to your social media profiles.



Social media pages give your potential leads a different (some may argue easier) way of getting in touch with you and they can also help to build trust in your services by opening the door to a showcase of your previous works and reviews.


And remember…


As the last web page your potential leads are likely to see before they contact you, make sure you make it memorable one.


Need some help?


If website development sends you into a tizz. Relax! Our web warriors are here to set your creative juices alive with design, content and SEO to google on fire.

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