Boost Your Failing FACEBOOK ADS!

Boost Your Failing FACEBOOK ADS!

Boost Failing Facebook Ads!


The Offer or Lead Magnet


If your offer isn’t right for the audience, no amount of persistance is going to make it work. You can’t force people to be interested and quite often, it’s not what business owners think that they want! The key is to understand the audience combined with the kind of offers that work on Facebook (remember, what works for one sector, may not work for another!). Looking at what people are searching on Google can be a good way of finding a ‘need’ or area of curiosity for an offer or lead magnet for Facebook Ads.


The Ad Creative

Eye catching Facebook ad images and ad copy that gets people to take action. It is all about testing and without this formula, you are just guessing. Focus on test budgets and split testing before putting a huge amount behind them. Your bank balance will thank you! Remember, reliable testing takes time but doing a thorough job pays off long term.

Your Ad’s Targeting

Targetting has changed soooo much recently and so have FaceBook ad prices. With this in mind, it’s super important to keep up to date. You have to know how to layer targeting correctly and how to do this without wasting your hard earned money.

How You Track your Ads

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen someone kill a Facebook ad that was working because they were not tracking effectively or even worse.. not following it up properly afterwards! (Remember, the best option is not always the one that is getting the most clicks).

Your Plan to Scale a Winner.

We always explain ads as trying a safe combination a few times, once you find the combination through testing, you are in! Once you have done this, you will need to understand how to scale the ad using Facebook’s rules. There are rules to scaling your ads up. Make sure you follow the best practice rules or you will quickly kill an ad that was destined to bring you LOTS of customers.

Need a hand with your ads or want someone to take a look and review your FB ads account – Let us know! We offer a free marketing planning session to all new clients.

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